What We Do

RCSI: Delivering Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions

Choosing RCSI means choosing expertise, dependable leadership and a proven approach to achieve your construction objectives. Our experience spans decades, having completed more than a thousand structural steel projects and exceeding the expectations of hundreds of satisfied repeat clients.

Leveraging today’s leading-edge technology, we strive to maximize energy efficiency at each project stage:
  • In structure design
  • In using low-energy building materials in construction
  • Reducing operational energy with efficient equipment
  • Integrating renewable energy solutions in our projects.

We Specialize in...

Engineered Structures

RCSI is a full-service general contractor offering complete, turn-key engineered structures for specialized business such as cultivation. Our projects incorporate advanced renewable energy solutions including solar and co-generation capabilities, helping our clients achieve compliance with state regulation. RCSI has you covered from start to finish and ensures your requirements are carried out with best-in-class efficiency and accuracy.

Solar Canopies

RCSI structural solar canopies are custom-engineered to ensure quality, reliability and performance, drawing upon decades of design-build experience with steel and steel-reinforced structures. We are proud innovators in this space, saving our clients millions in costs while enhancing their on-site renewable energy portfolios.

  • Ground-mount & Pile-driven Solar Canopies – RCSI’s experience, attention to detail, and decades of partnering with the industry’s top steel fabricators translates to turn-key solar energy solutions for your sites. No contractor can offer a more competitive solution on a dollar / megawatt basis!


  • Building and Roof-mount Canopies – our clients trust in our structural expertise, which allows RCSI to maximize solar energy generation while maintaining the aesthetic characteristics, operational efficiency and structural safety of their building assets. Contact us for a free consultation about your project.


  • Canopies

  • Construction

  • Engineered Buildings

  • Ground Mounts