Sousa Farms

Sousa Farms
About This Project

Sousa Farms, Stockton CA
17750 E Highway 4
Stockton, CA 95215

This long span structure was erected over an existing metal building to help provide more shade and cover for large farm equipment, pre-existing structures as well as hay and other feed. 93’-6” clear spans / 85‘ and 51’ bays.

510’ long and 200’ wide at the widest point.

This 86,000 sq ft canopy will hold (3,335) Hyundai Modules to help offset 16 electrical meters at Sousa Farms in Stockton, Ca. What makes this project unique is that it will cover an existing 15,000 sq ft building. The high end of the structure is 50 ft while the low end comes in at 32 ft.